Once the landlord renders a leasing decision, the TC will write the lease based on the terms specified in the Lease Request form, include all required TAR and TREC documents as well any Realtor compliance documents, and email the leasing docs to the landlord and the Realtors for review. Once confirmed, all documents are sent for electronic signatures and all parties will receive a copy of the documents.  Go4Rent will then instruct the landlord and applicants to add their bank account to their Go4Rent account. This is optional for the landlord and is only necessary if the landlord would like to collect the monthly rent at Go4Rent.com ( a FREE service for landlords).  Go4Rent will collect the 1st month’s rent to pay the Realtor commissions.

If Realtors provide a Disbursement Agreement, Go4Rent will wire the funds to the broker and ACH the Realtor their portion. Commissions are paid within 5 business days of the tenant taking occupancy and should appear in the Realtor’s bank account the next business day.THAT’S Go4Rent FAST!

Go4Rent© 2023. All rights reserved.

Go4Rent © 2023. All rights reserved.

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