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As a FREE service to Realtors, Go4Rent can assist with every aspect of the leasing process.  With three listing levels to select from, you dictate what parts of the leasing process you want to pass to Go4Rent.  Best of all, you keep ALL of your commission. 

Elite Listing Level

The ultimate “hands off” listing solution that allows you to maximize your time and focus on more lucrative aspects of your real estate career. In addition to obtaining a signed Listing Agreement Go4Rent will take professional photos of the home.  Go4Rent will create a custom yard sign with your logo and information as well as install a Bluetooth Lockbox. When the landlord renders a leasing decision, Go4Rent will write the lease based on your specifications and collect the move in funds.  We will also update the MLS to reflect the approval of a new tenant.

When the new tenant is ready to take occupancy, our concierge will meet with the tenant at the home and provide them with the keys from the lockbox. During this meeting, we will remove the lockbox and yard sign from the listing.

Deluxe Listing Level

It is the Realtor’s responsibility to place the yard sign and install the lockbox.  Go4Rent will provide professional photos of the home. Go4Rent will process your lease applications, write the lease, and disburse commissions. The Listing Realtor must provide Go4Rent with a signed Listing Agreement prior to commission disbursement.

Lite Listing Level

This level starts with processing lease applications that meet the landlord’s approval criteria and includes lease writing and commission disbursement.

With all listing levels, Go4Rent will process all lease applications that meet the landlord’s approval criteria and assist the Realtor and landlord with finding the right tenant. We can also act as the point of contact for showing Realtors with questions about the listing or application process.

Once the landlord has approved a tenant, Go4Rent will write the lease and send it to the Realtor as well as the landlord for review. All standard documents (Pet Agreement, Agreement Between Brokers, Rental Flood Disclosure, etc.) are added to the signing process.  Once confirmed, Go4Rent will send the leasing documents to all parties who are required to sign.  Each party is instructed to add their bank account to their Go4Rent to pay or collect rent. This is a free, optional service for the landlord.  Go4Rent will request the tenant to pay their 1st month’s rent on Go4Rent.com, as Go4Rent will pay the commissions to the Realtors within 5 business days after the tenant moves in. 

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Go4Rent © 2023. All rights reserved.

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