It’s time to close the file. If the Elite level was selected, Go4Rent will update the listing status on the MLS.  Once tenants have taken occupancy, Go4Rent will pay the commissions to both sides.  The final step is to coordinate the rekey of the home as this is required with all homes in Texas. Listed2Leased will work with the landlord to assure this is completed within the time allowed by the property code.

To assure we are within compliance with TREC, TAR, and the various Realtors who use Listed2Leased, Go4Rent has internal procedures that meet the compliance guidelines of these governing bodies.
  1. We retain all signed documents for 4 years from the date of the last signature.
  2. When submitting a file request for a CDA, we are including the following documents:
    1. Residential Listing Agreement
    2. Residential Lease Agreement/Multi-Family Residential Lease
    3. Addendum Regarding Flood Disclosure
    4. Intermediary Relationship Notice (if applicable)
    5. Agreement Between Brokers (if applicable)
    6. Pet Agreement (if applicable)
    7. Lead Based Paint Addendum (if applicable)
    8. Various Brokerage specific documents
    9. CDA Request
  3. When sending a wire, the following information is contained in the memo section of the wire:  Go4Rent Listing- Property address (Realtor’s name)

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Go4Rent © 2023. All rights reserved.

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