When applicants apply at Go4Rent.com, they will complete an online lease application, upload supporting documents, and pay their application fee.  The applicant is not charged until the application is reviewed and processed.  The Transaction Coordinator will screen and process every application who meets the landlord’s application criteria.  Any applicant that does not meet the landlord’s criteria will be notified and the application will not be processed until the landlord wishes to proceed with the application.  The Transaction Coordinator will assure the applicant has uploaded all requested documents and that the application is complete.

Ex. The landlord’s criteria states the applicant must make 3.5x of the rent amount. The applicant makes 3x of the rent amount. You and the landlord will be contacted for guidance, as Go4Rent will not automatically process the application because it does not meet the landlord’s criteria.

Go4Rent will verify the applicant’s current employment and current rental payment history. Once the verifications have been uploaded for review, Go4Rent will provide a Go4Rent Score (0-100 with 100 being a great file) and a leasing recommendation (Approve, Approve with Rent Surety, Deny).  The landlord or Realtor can render a leasing decision and complete the Lease Request form.

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